Was This REALLY Production?!

What you see above is, perhaps, the most sought after of all Glock models made… It might also be the ugliest of the factory models made.

The Glock 19 was set to be released in 1988 as a compact model 17–easier to conceal but still large enough for real combat. The Kansas Department of Revenue Alcohol Beverage Control (Or KS A.B.C.) requested to be added to the initial distribution list for the new gun, but they wanted to get them NOW.

The legend says that Glock wanted to rush the release to allow the department to test the new model so they mocked up a batch and sent them as previews–complete with department stamping and everything. The molds had already been altered for the nose and shortened slides were being made, but the full Gen 2 frame had not been completed nor the final dimensions for the length of grip.

Glock decided to go ahead with a few prototype models for KS A.B.C as well as a few extras to send to gun writers for evaluation. The first frames would have resembled a Gen 1 19X (which wouldn’t be thought of for another 35 years) but the design didn’t sit right so they hand filed the grips down to try to match the height to the shortened length of the slide. The result was the Gen 1 model 19 and a true piece of history.

This example is one of the more rare Author’s samples–distinguished by the lack of a KS A.B.C. stamp on the right side of the slide. Pictures are courtesy of an avid collector who goes by the appropriate handle “Glockhoarder.” Many thanks to Ron!

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