Glock History

A year-by-year breakdown of generations, models, special notes, and important dates over the 40 year history of Glocks.

The Rare List

Over the years, Glocks have been made in innumerable sizes and colors through five generations of production. The following tour exhibits the rarest of the rare variants–the ones that bring the most attention (and dollars) from collectors.


Custom Glocks

Rare Glocks

Group Pictures

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Collector’s Blog

Random collector ramblings

Most Recent

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A selection of categories of special interest to collectors and for further research for those interested in collector information.

Police Models

As any firearm collector will find, police departments like to mark their territory. This is a continually evolving list as more variants are sent in to me. The guns are listed in order of release for the sake of the OCD.

Helpful Links

Further research for the Glock collector or the Glock fanboy.

Known Variant List

As of the date of publication, Glock only offers models 17-48 for sale. But you’d be surprised at the number of known variations you could find in 32 models.