The Rare Variant List

The goal of this section is to identify Glock models that deserve special attention should you run across them. Many had short production runs or were prototype models only (like the few first generation model 19s). Others have been continuously produced but in very small numbers either due to restricted sales or just low demand (the best example that comes to mind are the cutaway demo models). The list is NOT all-inclusive though I will do my best. It is NOT in order of rarity as Glock’s tight-lipped approach to PR means there are not always accurate production figures available for collector’s to rely on. Some of these models will bring a premium if sold and others will just be hard to find.

One additional note: There are internet rumors of many Glock models and photoshoppers have enjoyed trolling Glock fanboys endlessly by creating pics of non-existent variants–we’ve all seen the “Glock” 1911s, right? So the only models listed here have been personally verified–I’ve held them in my hands and have seen proven provenance. As more become “known,” I will include them here.

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1st Series

Peanut Butter

The Holy Grail

Was This REALLY Production?!

Factory Cutaways

Austrian Origins

Rainbow Colors

I Can’t Make Up My Mind

Flame Throwers

Gen 2 31/32

New Fangled Ambi Contraption


The Unobtainable

Take Me Home

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