Flame Throwers

Ported models have been made off and on since the 80s but there are particular models that are especially rare, starting with the 18C (which are rare in any configuration!). The very first 17Ls were made with three ports cut perpendicular to the bore axis but these are covered on that page. There was a gap in all porting from that initial run of 17Ls in ’88 until the first run of 24s in ’94. Very few ported 24s were produced with two different port shapes cut.

This was another example of Glock changing up their nomenclature; the model 24 is just a longslide 22, and they also couldn’t make up their mind on how to mark ported models. Initially, they were only marked with a “P” on the label but this had to be changed when they released “P” models. They then switched to “C” models starting in ’97.

Between ’94 and ’97, only the model 24 was made with ports. In ’97 they started releasing a variety of other models with ports inline with the barrel axis in a snake bite pattern. These were all marked as “C” models. The run of Gen 2 Cs are all on the rare side due to the timeframe of release; the transition to Gen 3 frames happening shortly after. For that reason, the Gen 2 guns will bring a premium–especially the 19C.

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