Police Issue

In the early days of US sales, Glock sales reps were directed to specifically target sales to police departments. They understood that whatever guns the police chose to carry would inevitably be picked up by the general public as well. It was a good strategy and one that has proven more successful than anyone could have imagined. By the mid nineties, upwards of 60% of US departments were issuing Glock firearms as the standard duty weapon for their officers. Not much has changed in the last twenty-five years–except for the various calibers, models, and generations that the uniformed officers carry. While it would be nearly impossible to track down every variant that has been issued–many are not even specially marked or might only have special serial numbers–here is a collection of ones known to exist:

Gen 1 17 Department of Revenue Alcoholic Beverage Control, State of Kansas
Gen 1 17 Metropolitan Police in Washington DC
Gen 2 22 Kansas City Police in KS
Gen 2.5 27 Van Buren Police in AR
Closeup of department and badge stamp Gen 3 22 York City Police in PA
Gen 3 22C Woodward Police in OK
Gen 3 35 Nassau County Police Department in NY
Gen 3 36 Generic Fish & Wildlife Commision
Gen 3 23 RTF2G Department of Public Safety, Bayamon Township in Puerto Rico
Gen 4 19 Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office in VA
Gen 4 21 Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office in OK
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