The Glock 19M

I walked in to a pawn shop this afternoon and a 19M just jumped in to my arms–I couldn’t do anything about it. Normally, I’m only drawn to the early guns–as the models get newer and newer a company tends to get more and more “gimmicky” trying to boost sales. Like, really, how many Glock 19s does one man need? (The answer, btw, is all of them)

This particular 19 just couldn’t be helped though. I couldn’t tell you the real difference between a Gen 5 and the “M” model (other than the letter and the price tag) but something about the FBI picking this version, and the rarity, and just the looks of it made it irresistible. And now I feel like a true fan boy.

To be fair, most of my Glocks are investor grade rare models and this one is no exception. It’s new in the box, unfired, and has been selling online for significantly more than what I paid. At least, this is what I’m going to keep telling myself 😉

If you get a chance to handle one, I encourage it: this might could be true “Glock Perfection.”

Glock 19M on used ammo cans–The labeled one really does contain crushed Glock frames: true story.

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Licensed firearm dealer from Tulsa, OK and an avid Glock collector. This site is born from my hobby of trying to track down rare Glock production models and piece together the early history of America's most popular gun.

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