Can It Really Be Considered An Investment

I was recently participating in a thread over on Glocktalk discussing which models would make a good investment. I think the rise of Glock collecting is still in it’s infancy and over time it will provide substantial returns to those who are selectively purchasing. As of now, I see a lot of potential in earlyContinue reading “Can It Really Be Considered An Investment”

Information Continually Leaking Out

A friend of mine recently posted some scans of an article written to review the “new” Glock 19s from the 1989 Annual issued by American Handgunner. Beyond just being cool because it’s one of the earliest articles written about model 19s, I found one detail that was especially compelling: the picture above is of theContinue reading “Information Continually Leaking Out”

The NRA Museum

This afternoon I had the pleasure of touring the National Rifle Association National Sporting Arms Museum in Springfield, MO. (Yes, that’s the actual name though all signage and most references to it will abbreviate to “NRA” and, thus, avoid the redundant “nationals”). Most people who hear “NRA Museum” will think of the NRA Firearms MuseumContinue reading “The NRA Museum”

Also Featuring Glock Annual

I intentionally left off mentioning the “Glock Annual” publication from my last post about “Glock Autopistols” so that I could create another post to highlight this publication as well. The two magazines are identical from a content perspective and only differ in their covers, but have run in parallel since 1995. I have not everContinue reading “Also Featuring Glock Annual”

Glock Autopistols Magazine

In an effort to deepen my knowledge of Glock variants with the intent of writing a true collector’s book, I began a small collection of Glock print material including back issues of Glock Autopistols magazine. GA mag was (possibly still is) printed by Harris Publications and has been a mainstay of Glock’s yearly promotional literatureContinue reading “Glock Autopistols Magazine”

Early Glock Magazines

Recently, a few collectors have posted and collaborated on trying to better identify early Glock magazines–and the tabulation is just fascinating! The more early guns that can be verified with authentic magazines and compared side by side, the more versions seem to come out of the wood work. Eventually, this should be another section onContinue reading “Early Glock Magazines”

The New World Order Began In 1991

Last month I posted what I believe was the first commemorative edition Glock ever made–a Fraternal Order of Police engraved model available to the Metropolitan Police of D.C. As I covered there, the success of commemorative models makes for easy profits for gunmakers and Glock has become one of the best at it! Their secondContinue reading “The New World Order Began In 1991”

Talo Premier Gold Edition

I’ve never been much on commemorative editions of guns because it’s always just seemed like a gunmaker’s excuse to boost sales–build a stock gun and slap a special engraving on it, then call it a “limited edition” and sell it for twice as much money to the same people who already have three of theContinue reading “Talo Premier Gold Edition”

Pictures of a Rare Duotone

Just a quick post to share pictures of a very rare early Glock 17. This pistol is an AC prefix model which is a great example of how the early design was not set. The slide finish is a greenish color of unknown original that was a predecessor of the parkerized finish that became standard.Continue reading “Pictures of a Rare Duotone”