1st Run G23

This one has been a part of my collection for a while now, but I recently picked up a copy of the “Book of Glock” by Robert Sadowski and it alerted me to a whole new collector category. The most interesting part of the book was actually the table at the very back stating the first serial prefixes of each model. I’d heard of a few of these before, but had never realized it was something that collector’s chased after. Now that the book is out, I suspect that hobby might pick up.

What was even cooler for me, was to go through the collection and discover I had a few of the first series guns I never realized I had; especially this old police issue 23. I picked it up for a good price and have held on to just because it was a 2-letter prefix gun.

I’ll be adding some more info to the list of rare variants but encourage you to subscribe to the Glock Collector’s Association for more great info. Stanley Ruselowski was the primary source for Sadowski’s book and is also the president of the Association. He’s one of the earliest Glock collectors and has numerous connections from over 25 years of tracking down these rare guns. One of early pursuits of the collector’s club was deducing these first series breakdowns and collecting them.

I’ll see about getting permission to repost the full table but for now I’ll just post my personal collection guns and let you guys have the fun of tracking these down.

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Licensed firearm dealer from Tulsa, OK and an avid Glock collector. This site is born from my hobby of trying to track down rare Glock production models and piece together the early history of America's most popular gun.

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