Training Aids

There are a number of different models that Glock has produced over the years with an eye on helping police departments learn and practice basic function of the guns. The “T” models were the first versions made and allowed officers to to live fire, non-lethal simmunition rounds using the same basic platform as their main carry weapon. The pair pictured are, perhaps, the most rare variants of any training models in existence. First released in 1996, these have only been sold to law enforcement from the beginning and did not catch on at the start. The transition to Gen 3 also happened just two years later so there were not a large number produced. I imagine, a large number of those made have not survived the 20 years of police use since.

I have only seen three of these sell on the open market before–all from a large distributor a couple of years back. They sold for a little over $900 each if I recall correctly, but the distributor did not do a proper job of listing to maximize value. The collector market is also escalating pretty quickly right now so I imagine one would sell for quite a bit more if listed today.

This pair was purchased direct from a different distributor who had them on their website and listed them as if they were “any old used Glock” and I was lucky enough to stumble upon them. They are serial number 1121 and 1125 indicating they were early on in production, but I have not been able to pinpoint the transition point to Gen 3.

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Licensed firearm dealer from Tulsa, OK and an avid Glock collector. This site is born from my hobby of trying to track down rare Glock production models and piece together the early history of America's most popular gun.

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