1st Series 17!

1st Series Gen 1 17

Saturday was an exciting day for That Glock Guy! I’ve followed 1st series guns for years and have seen and even bid on a few auctions that came up–but had never successfully consummated a sale. That finally changed last week and filled a big hole in my collection. These pictures are of my new Gen 1 Glock 17 and comes from the special AF-prefix run that was the first serial block imported into the US.

First prefix guns, as noted in the <a href=”https://glockhistory.com/1st-series/”>first series</a> page of the rare Glock tour are one of the very earliest “collector” Glocks and have been highly pursued since the late ’90s. And since the 17 was the first model produced, the AF series have been hoarded by the Glock Collector’s Association for 25 years now. They don’t come up on the market and usually bring a substantial premium over other Gen 1s. I was able to snag this one for just over $3,000 which I consider to be a very good deal.

This has been a perpetual theme of my blog posts, but I’ll have to say it again: if you see one of these, just buy it! It’s so rare, you might not get another chance.

1st Series “Bullet” Box
AFs usually have the label on the lid

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