Euro Imports

G1G17 Consecutive Pair

This pair recently came into my collection but I had not had a chance to write about them. What you see here are two consecutive numbered BE prefix gen 1s. The BE prefix was not a serial bank originally imported to the US and so they do not feature a serialized frame like what we’re used to seeing—a majority of European countries consider the firing parts to be the “gun” and the frame is just extra parts. In the early days, Glock only added the serial plate to the frame on guns that were destined for the United States which is also part of the reason why you will see the “US” suffix on such guns. There are a select few industrious importers who have realized the desirability of these early Glocks and begun to bring them in (still few and far between).

To comply with US importation and firearm law, each of these frames have to be import marked and serialized so you will frequently find extra markings on the trigger guard. Beyond that, you may also find special, undated foreign language manuals if one is so lucky. This pair came to me with serialized matching bullet boxes and one Euro manual to share between them. I had only intended on purchasing one, but when it came down to it, I couldn’t bear to break up the set.

Happy hunting my friends…

First Printed Glock Manual

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