Glock Autopistols Magazine

In an effort to deepen my knowledge of Glock variants with the intent of writing a true collector’s book, I began a small collection of Glock print material including back issues of Glock Autopistols magazine. GA mag was (possibly still is) printed by Harris Publications and has been a mainstay of Glock’s yearly promotional literatureContinue reading “Glock Autopistols Magazine”

Talo Premier Gold Edition

I’ve never been much on commemorative editions of guns because it’s always just seemed like a gunmaker’s excuse to boost sales–build a stock gun and slap a special engraving on it, then call it a “limited edition” and sell it for twice as much money to the same people who already have three of theContinue reading “Talo Premier Gold Edition”

A Little Awaited Arrival–Glock 19M FDE

This was not a post I ever expected to be making–especially since I was not aware this particular gun existed until about a week or two ago. Pictured above are my new pair of Glock 19Ms and you might notice these particular beauties feature FDE frames. The 19M, if you have not previously read, wasContinue reading “A Little Awaited Arrival–Glock 19M FDE”

Glock Enters The Watch Market With 35th Anniversary Limited Edition

In other news, Glock also enters the field of neon green polymers! The watch pictured just arrived from the mother ship today via special FedEx Home Delivery and is a new product from Glock. While we may have been clamoring for Glock to enter the 1911 or the handgun caliber carbine market for years onContinue reading “Glock Enters The Watch Market With 35th Anniversary Limited Edition”

Finally… a Gen 1 19!

It has been a long time coming, but I finally found a 1st generation model 19! I don’t believe I’ve ever shared the story of how I became a Glock enthusiast/collector, but it all started around the phantom “1st Gen Glock 19.” Sometime around 2010, a dealer friend of mine sold me a 17 andContinue reading “Finally… a Gen 1 19!”

Tips For Collecting

Even just a few years back, the Glock collecting hobby was a relatively cheap endeavor. So long as you could endure the ridicule of the Colt, Winchester, and S&W collectors taunting about how “That gun will never be worth anything” you were in the clear. Deals could be found left and right because to mostContinue reading “Tips For Collecting”