Glock Enters The Watch Market With 35th Anniversary Limited Edition

In other news, Glock also enters the field of neon green polymers!

The watch pictured just arrived from the mother ship today via special FedEx Home Delivery and is a new product from Glock. While we may have been clamoring for Glock to enter the 1911 or the handgun caliber carbine market for years on end, the company has decided to go in a completely different direction to commemorate their 35th anniversary of US operations. Glock, Inc. was founded in Smyrna, GA in 1986 and, never one to miss out on a marketing opportunity, the company has released special issues of pistols to commemorate many anniversaries. I’ll try and get my hands on the 20th and 25th anniversary G17s for a separate post one day. There were also 30 specially engraved models made to commemorate the 30th anniversary, but those are a little out of my price range to add to the collection.

Back on topic: for year 35, Glock threw us all a curveball by introducing a watch of all things. But not just any watch, it’s a limited edition serial numbered to 3500 collector watch (I’m more of a Wal-Mart type of a watch guy so I won’t try to argue the merits of the movement or design or crystal display or titanium body–I really don’t know anything about watches except how to read them). I can’t imagine that they are trying to crack into the watch market, so I really have to believe this is more marketing and a nod to collectors–realizing it’s getting boring releasing special edition G17s every five years.

Being the Glock fanboy that I am, I had to order one, of course. And being over the top, I’m also in negotiations to get a different European model shipped over as well–gonna be close to $1,000 in commemorative Glock watches by the time I’m done… this collection thing really is a sickness.

Anyway, this is a long post to really tell you this: I found my new favorite watch. And I’ll never wear it. And if Glock releases something silly, I’m a sucker and I’ll probably buy one, maybe three *shrugs*

Happy hunting!

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Licensed firearm dealer from Tulsa, OK and an avid Glock collector. This site is born from my hobby of trying to track down rare Glock production models and piece together the early history of America's most popular gun.

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